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Opening dates
6st April 2022
30th September 2022


Our personal commitment to the environment

Since the acquisition of the campsite in 2022, each year, Fanny and Cyril have redoubled their efforts to bring innovations in favor of the environment and of an eco-friendly tourism.

In addition to our personal commitment to the environment,
it is important for us that each year you and your loved ones can spend your vacation in a preserved natural environment where you can breathe the fresh air and make your children discover the values that our environment teaches us.
Let us all be eco-friendly for the generations to come.
We would like to thank all of our customers for their daily eco-friendly actions.

Fanny and Cyril

Our commitments within the campsite:

  • Creation of an ecological mini-farm for the awareness of children and the recycling of food waste.
  • A developed selective sorting system and a composter for all the green waste from the campsite.
  • The use of bio products for catering, accommodation and the convenience grocery store.
  • The use of environmentally friendly products for accommodation, the restaurant and the maintenance of the campsite.
  • The Supply of the restaurant with fresh and bio products from short circuits.
  • Creation of a biological water treatment plant recycling 100% of the campsite's wastewater.