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10st April 2021
11nd September 2021

Gastronomy in the Périgord

The Périgord & Dordogne Markets

Traditional markets

In the morning all year long

MONDAY: Les Eyzies (in high season), Ste Avère

TUESDAY: Le Bugue, Cénac, Salignac (every Tuesday morning from 9 am to 12:30 pm, from April 10 to September 11)

WEDNESDAY: St Cyprien (mid-April to mid-September), Siorac, Montignac, Sarlat, Ste Nathalène, Domme, St Julien de Lampon, Monpazier, Lalinde

THURSDAY: Meyrals (in high season), Domme, St Julien de Lampon, Monpazier, Lalinde

FRIDAY: Le Buisson, St Pompon

SATURDAY: Belvès, Villefranche du Périgord, Montignac, Sarlat, Le Bugue, Périgueux

SUNDAY: St Cyprien, Daglan, St Geniès, Rouffignac, Calviac en Périgord (in high season), Carsac Aillac (in high season)

Gourmet markets

In season, at night, with consumption on site

MONDAY: Montignac, Veyrines de Domme (Bois d’Enveaux shop), Sainte-Mondane (at the foot of the Castle)

TUESDAY: Le Bugue, Le Coux

WEDNESDAY: Belvès, Meyrals (15/07 and 12/08), St Geniès, Calviac-en-Périgord

THURSDAY: St Cyprien, Paulin

FRIDAY: Les Eyzies, Le Buisson, Salignac (July/August), Carsac-Aillac (July/August), St Cybranet

SATURDAY: Audrix, St Pompon

SUNDAY: Limeuil

Producer markets

In season, labeled and reserved for local producers

MONDAY: Beynac (in the morning), Sainte-Mondane (night market July/August)

TUESDAY: Salignac (in the morning from mid-April to mid-September), Rouzic (nocturnal), St Amand de Coly (nocturnal), Villefranche du Périgord (nocturnal)

WEDNESDAY: Rouffignac (nocturnal)

THURSDAY: Loubéjac (nocturnal)

FRIDAY: Besse (nocturnal), La Roque-Gageac (in the morning), Salignac (nocturnal July/August), Valojoulx (nocturnal)

SUNDAY: Marquay (in the morning), Vergt (in the morning)

The products of our region

To bring back good Périgord products in your luggage or to taste them during your stay, producers welcome you on their farms or where the products are made. Some of them offer tours, very often accompanied by tasting. Truffle, foie gras, confits, traditional pâtés, Sarladaise oils, nuts, strawberries, wine and many other gourmet products.


The tuber melanosporum, the scholarly name for the truffle, is the black diamond of the Périgord. Its local production is spread, from January on the markets.


4 large varieties: the horn, a sweet flavor - the marbot whose taste is similar to undried almonds - the grandjean, nut of character with a marked taste associated with a touch of bitterness - the franquette, with a delicate little nutty taste


For 6 months, the Périgord strawberries are on the stalls of producers of all markets or on the menus of restaurateurs in the form of desserts.


The Périgourdins generally have “their cepe corners” but it is difficult to get them to reveal their secret. It is easier to go to markets and buy them especially in Villefranche-du-Périgord.


There are 3 kinds of remarkable cheeses in Périgord, among others 😊 : the cabécou of the Périgord, the "Trappe Echourgnac" and the cujassou. In our restaurant LE RITON DES NAUVES, we offer several dishes where you can taste Cabécou from the Périgord.


The foie gras, confit and duck breast accompanied by the famous Sarladaise potatoes. You can enjoy your stay at Camping Les Nauves to taste all the duck specialties 😊


The Vignobles of Bergerac produce a whole range of wines including 13 "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC)" such as Pécharmant or Monbazillac. You can discover red wine, white wine, rosé wine, dry bergerac or Côtes de Bergerac sweet white wine.